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Wizard-Application Empty Wizard-Application

Post  liamg on Sat Feb 02, 2013 4:39 am

Name: MrWizardman
Country: Australia

What Class are you applying as? Wizard

If asked to re-roll, would you do it? Which other two classes would you play well? Sniper

Do you WoE? What are some previous guilds you've WoE SE'd with? Well im new so none, i wan't to get into WOE.

Current Equipment: Attach a ScreenShot if you can.

Desired Gear and build:Storm Gust Build, SG the shit out of them, Wink
Im obviously new as i said above, my gears arn't fantastic.

Materials for WoE : Materials you'll use during WoE: Could get these items pretty easily, Ranked Condensed White Potions, Foods, Box of Resentment.

How long have you been playing Ragnarok? have played for 1 year then quit for few years now on this server for the first time (2 week)

What appeals to you about FOR NARNIA? Well you guys seem like a bunch of mad fellas, you look like you know what your doing and how to do WOE at a high standard.

Is there anything about you that you'd want us to know? Not really.

Do you have Raidcall? (If not, Are you willing to get it?) Microphone? yes, Razor headset

Recommendation from someone? Who? (This means that if you suck it, or are new, this person will be responsible for you and your actions) Tenucine


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Wizard-Application Empty Re: Wizard-Application

Post  Amistr on Sat Feb 02, 2013 4:42 am


seems like pr0 SG stack3r like me

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