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Hi there ;3 Empty Hi there ;3

Post  Dagraeht on Wed Jan 23, 2013 9:24 pm

Name: Adrian
Country: Poland
Timezone: gmt+1
Age: 22 (23 in september)
Sex: male
well, im new there so I guess my nicknames aret necessary, random LK to get some zennies on mavkas- Aerdrie Faenya

Class(es) you play decently:
Well, my last server was LuminaRO and I played with stalker/sinx since I was leading a guild. I play this game for over 8years (or its 9 already?) so I know how to play with every character. I can create any char, to be useful. I will go pvp with sinx anyway and I'm making best use of this class at this moment, but no gears now XD

Do you WoE?

Current Equipment: Attach a ScreenShot if you can.
just random gears to one hit mavka with spiral~

Desired Gear:
it depends, I didnt chose a character for woe yet ;3

Materials for WoE :
it also depends of the class i guess... but I have to admit I'm using tons of them, just to make a full use of class~

How long have you been playing Ragnarok?
well like I said before, its 8 or 9years already, pretty much I guess

What appeals to you about Divinity?
to be hones? random choice XD I'm playing with my friend and we picked this guild to join

Is there anything about you that you'd want us to know?
well, I might be lazy from time to time, busy due to reall life or so

Do you have Raidcall? (If not, Are you willing to get it?) Microphone?
No, but I can get it for sure. And I can talk with you, just don't beat me for my english please XD

Recommendation from someone? Who? (This means that if you suck it, or are new, this person will be responsible for you and your actions)
Well, I guess no- like I said before, random choice~


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Hi there ;3 Empty Re: Hi there ;3

Post  yeeheee on Wed Jan 23, 2013 10:24 pm

I talked to them earlier. Seemed like nice people and knew what they were doing. +1


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Hi there ;3 Empty Re: Hi there ;3

Post  Jason on Thu Jan 24, 2013 1:31 am

i would like to wait for a bit to recruit you. because you don't have any gear, it's hard to tell whether or not you're committed. get the basic woe gear, and then revise your application. Also, I've revised the template slightly, so please revise your application accordingly.

New template additions : What class are you applying as?

If you were to asked to re-roll, which 2 classes would you like to play?

Previous WoE SE guilds you've played with.


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Hi there ;3 Empty Re: Hi there ;3

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