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Applying for Divinity ^_^ Empty Applying for Divinity ^_^

Post  DheliO on Mon Jan 07, 2013 9:03 am

Name: Pao Sevilla
Country: Philippines
Timezone: GTM+0
Age: 22
Sex: M
IGN(s): DheliO / Rodelio Jalbuena

Class(es) you play decently:
Champion / Clown / Creo / Paladin /
Do you WoE?
Current Equipment: Attach a ScreenShot if you can.
Applying for Divinity ^_^ Dhelio14
Desired Gear:
Class: Champion
Upper Headgear: +7 Apple of Archer / Feather Beret
Middle Headgear: Blush of Groom
Lower Headgear: Gentleman's Pipe
Armor: +3dex Medic Robe [Deadly] / +3vit Glorious Suit
Weapon: +6 Glorious Morning Star / +7 Battlefield Morning Star
Shield: +7 Orleans Server [Crainial]
Garment: +4 Diabolous Manteau / +7 Commander's Manteau [Raydric]
Shoes: Variant Shoes / Glorious Shoes
Accessory1: Orlean's Glove [Nimble] / Glorious Ring
Accessory2: Orlean's Glove [Nimble]
Materials for WoE : Mastela , Light Blue Pots , BOG , BOR / Foods +str/dex/vit/int

How long have you been playing Ragnarok?
What appeals to you about Divinity?
i wanna join in an active guild
Is there anything about you that you'd want us to know?
always at pvp sometimes at bg
Do you have Raidcall?
yes i have raidcall / Microphone
Recommendation from someone? Who?
Make friends and go WOE

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