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Post  WapakS on Thu Feb 21, 2013 1:44 am

Name: Pao
Country: Philippines
Timezone: ??
Age: 22
Sex: M
IGN(s): FrizzyWizzy

What Class are you applying as? HW

If asked to re-roll, would you do it? Which other two classes would you play well? Stalker i guess?

Do you WoE? What are some previous guilds you've WoE SE'd with? yep, PH guild

Class: High Wiz
Upper Headgear: ILC & RamenHat
Middle Headgear: Elven Ears[1] (Stalactic Golem)
Lower Headgear: Wcp
Armor: +2DEX Medic Robe[1] (Enthweihen Croten)(Evil Druid)
Weapon: +9Lich Bone Wand[2] (Centipede Larva) +5Warlock Magic Wand
Shield: +7Orlean Server[1] (Flame Skull)(Cranial)
Garment: +7commander manteu[1] (salamander)
Shoes: +7Combat boots[1] (Greenferus)
Accessory1: Orleans Glove[1] (Zerom)
Accessory2: Orleans Glove[1] (Zerom)

Materials for WoE : Mastella, Light blue pots, BOG, BOS, BOD, Speed pots, +int,dex,agi,vit foods

How long have you been playing Ragnarok? 4yrs

What appeals to you about FOR NARNIA? Active in WOE

Do you have Raidcall? (If not, Are you willing to get it?) Microphone? Yep, Micro
Recommendation from someone? Who? nothin


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wizz Applying Empty FrizzyWizzy

Post  Frizzy on Thu Feb 21, 2013 3:55 am

then Headger: HMH[1] (Stalactic Golem) i forgot to post Smile)


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